The Culinary Scene is a streaming platform with live and on-demand video content to enhance your Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove ownership experience. Simply select the appliances you own, and the Culinary Scene will curate relevant recipes, use and care videos, and live events tailored to your appliances. The service will provide knowledge to explore the possibilities of your appliances! Set up your Culinary Scene account below.

Exclusive Membership

An added benefit of a Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove purchase is an exclusive invitation to the Culinary Scene community. You will optimize your premium appliance ownership experience with the features and benefits of your appliances using the Culinary Scene. With the membership, you will receive access to live-streaming classes, chef-designed recipes, and on-demand product videos, all tailored specifically to appliances you own.

Ownership, Elevated.

Explore a sneak peak of Roth Living’s Culinary Scene.


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